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She’ll definitely be watching a match with Prince William

George and Charlotte drove there with their five-year-old cousin Mia Tindall, were carried around on their shoulders by their parents and were apparently having a great time. Little Lena Tindall, who is a few months younger than Prince Louis, was there in the stroller. 

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Especially cute: just like Mama Kate, Charlotte, who was almost four years old, also wore a navy blue jacket. In addition, a perfectly matching checked skirt. George, like his papa William, made an olive green jacket. The five-year-old’s hair is now a bit curly and has become visibly darker.

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On April 23rd, Royal fans can certainly look forward to a new photo of Prince Louis. Birthday portraits of her children, photographed by Duchess Kate herself, are already a tradition.

Sources used: Instagram fan account “Little Cambridges” Hello: Incredible new photos of Kate Middleton’s day out at the fair with Prince George and Princess Charlotte (engl.) Own researchother sources show less sources

On June 21, Prince William celebrated his 37th birthday. There were icy greetings from Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan via Instagram, but his wife has come up with something very special.

The great happiness of Kate and William in the family

Photo series with 27 pictures

For her 30th birthday, Kate is said to have given her lover a portrait of herself. Artist Nicky Phillips is said to have drawn it back then. Seven years later, the Duchess took over the painting herself. She was supported by her three children George, Charlotte and Louis.

“It took a lot of time and effort”

As the British daily “The Sun” claims to have found out, the mother of three is said to have given her husband and the kids a sketchbook filled with memories from the past twelve months.

The family has been five since April 2018. (Source: Getty Images)

The four of them worked on the album for a year, gradually filling it up with photos and paintings of the children. “It took a lot of time and effort,” a source told the newspaper. “It was put together with the greatest care.”

Hiding with Aunt Pippa

Kate had kept the present with her sister Pippa. Accordingly, William should not have known anything about the album until his birthday on June 21. It is not known whether the father of three also received something from Harry and Meghan. In any case, there were only icy greetings from the new parents via Instagram.

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 When it comes to gifts, the Middletons in particular love to be creative. Kate’s uncle, for example, gave little Prince Louis a self-made time capsule when he was born, with things from the year he was born, such as newspaper clippings from 2018 or the most successful music albums of the year. A nice memory for later. James gave his sister Kate a dog for the wedding.

Sources used: The Sun: Kate Middleton makes Prince William a birthday album featuring family photos and drawings by the kids to remind him of ‘what’s really important’ (English)

At the tennis tournament in Wimbledon, Duchess Kate is a welcome guest year after year. As always, she is in a good mood there. This time with her friends.

Duchess Kate at the Wimbledon tennis tournament

Photo series with 6 pictures

Last year, Duchess Kate watched a tennis match with Duchess Meghan, who had recently married into the Royal Family.essay on how to help your community But Kate also likes to take a seat in the stands with her husband, Prince William, and watch the neon yellow ball. On the second day of this year’s Wimbledon tournament, the 37-year-old had two women by her side who should be well known to tennis fans.

Kate in black and white look

Before Kate went to the so-called Royal Box on Tuesday, a special grandstand on which everything that has rank and name sits, the mother of three watched a match with the two British tennis players Katie Boulter and Anne Keothavong. Kate has been good friends with the two women for a long time.

Duchess Kate: For her outing on Tuesday, she chose a white tailored dress with black details from the Suzannah boutique. Plus a waist belt by Alexander McQueen. (Source: imago images / i Images)

The trio watched Harriet Dart’s game against Christina McHale. Kate was not only in the center of attention with her beaming smile – at least what was happening on stage – she also wowed in a white, sporty look. She wore her hair loosely and kept pushing her sunglasses in. 

She is the patron of Wimbledon

Kate has always loved tennis, by the way. She plays herself and even before her wedding to Prince William in 2011 she was a regular guest at the tournaments. It is not for nothing that she is the patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which hosts the Wimbledon Championships. 

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Today’s visit on day two will therefore certainly not be your last this year. She’ll definitely be watching a match with Prince William. British media also rumor that Duchess Meghan will come to the sporting event one day. To support her friend Serena Williams, of course.

Sources used: own research Hello Magazine: Kate Middleton is all laughs as she attends Wimbledon with pals

Grumpy George? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Just in time for his special day there is a new photo of the Mini-Royal. What will Kate and William give their son? That he can be a child a little longer.

George and Charlotte: two royal bundles of energy

Photo series with 17 pictures

He leans casually against the wall, hides his hands behind his back and grins cheekily at the camera. We have probably never seen Prince George so exuberant, happy and happy. In public appearances, the sweet son of Prince William and Duchess Kate seems rather shy and reserved. That he is completely different in his private life is proven by the recording that Kensington Palace released on the Little Prince’s Day of Honor. 

Prince George celebrates his fifth birthday on July 22nd. The eldest son of the Cambridges is said to spend this time on vacation with his family. The photo that shows him with a cheeky grin and in a chic going out outfit was taken at the christening of little Prince Louis. It was snapped by Matt Porteous, who, in addition to the official baptism photos, was also asked to take a few private pictures for Duchess Kate and Prince William. 

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“There will be a time and a place to initiate George”

But what does a little prince like George get for his birthday? Apart from toys and a coin that is specially made in his honor, his parents probably give him the greatest gift. According to the British newspaper “Daily Mirror”, the five-year-old does not yet know what kind of power he will one day have and that one day he will reign as King of England.

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Prince William once said in an interview: “There will be a time and a place to initiate George into everything and to make him understand how he fits into this world.” But even when the father of three and his wife, Duchess Kate, are in the spotlight, they keep emphasizing: “We are very normal.”

And that’s probably how Prince George is brought up. Until he’s old enough to understand everything. But at the age of five, the Mini-Royal can still enjoy his childhood carefree.

Sources used: Daily Mirror report on Prince George Instagram profile from the palace

At the wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, he was not only a guest, but was also on stage. Now Elton John reveals why the big day was so important to him.

Meghan and Harry: The most beautiful pictures of the wedding

Photo series with 22 pictures

Millions of viewers around the world watched Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s marriage in front of the television. Two lucky enough to be there were Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish. Now the couple chatted about the wedding day in an interview with the American TV channel CNN and also pointed out the historical significance of the union of the newlyweds.

“It was very, very wonderful to be there,” said Elton John. A black gospel choir, a bride with African American roots, a wonderful black cellist and the preacher, it all felt like a party, he said, and also, “like progress that has been made.”

“The Queen had a lot to do with it”

The fact that Prince Harry not only chose a woman from the people, but also a divorced actress, is a historic event for the musician, who has known the royal family for many years. “You watch series like ‘The Crown’ and the like and in the 50s Princess Margaret was not allowed to marry because he was divorced (note by Colonel Aviator Peter Townsend). Look how far we’ve come in this regard “emphasized the singer. “I think the Queen had a lot to do with it. I think she’s great. It was wonderful to be there.”

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“True love is what everyone felt that day”

They have been husband and wife since May 19: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. (Source: i-Images / Pool / imago images)

His husband David Furnish was also deeply moved by the wedding between Prince Harry and the middle-class Meghan Markle. “What was so inspiring – and I know that sounds cheesy – but true love is what shone through and what everyone felt: the seriousness and integrity of true love on that day,” explained the film producer and director. “And it shows us that institutions like the monarchy develop over time.”

Sources used: CNN report on the interview

In April 2018, Prince William became a father for the third time. The second in line to the British throne rarely speaks about his offspring. But a visit to the “Albert Kennedy Trust” made him think.

The great happiness of Kate and William in the family

Photo series with 27 pictures

Prince William and Duchess Kate have three children: five-year-old Prince George, his one-year-old sister Charlotte and the baby of the family, one-year-old Louis. All three are still a long way from the age at which one is interested in the opposite sex. During a visit to an organization in London that supports young people who have been expelled from their families because of their sexual orientation, the 37-year-old father was asked about it.

“I would support any decision”

When asked by a young man how he would react to one of his children emerging as LGBT, Prince William replied, “I would support any decision you make.” LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual.

The family has been five since April 2018. (Source: Getty Images)

But the sexual orientation of his children also worries him, because then they could be exposed to discrimination and hatred. “I wish we lived in a world that is really normal and cool, but especially for my family and the situation we are in, that’s what makes me nervous,” he said.

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