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The monetary authorities consider this to be the wrong signal.

And Macron wins. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from n-tv.de on the subject of investigation mishaps The investigation mishaps around the Christmas market bomber Anis Amri are increasing. When the Berlin LKA took over the Moroccan before the attack on Breitscheidplatz The BKA had long since known the drug dealer, but said nothing. After serious mishaps in the investigation into the Lügde abuse case, the Bielefeld police searched the campsite again. A data carrier tracker found a USB stick.

Previously, CDs seized in a camper vanished from the evidence room. 155 data carriers with allegedly incriminating material in the event of abuse at a campsite in Lügde have disappeared without a trace. A police officer in training was also charged with sighting them. The public prosecutor’s office does not assume a theft. In Lügde’s abuse case, three main suspects are in custody.

At the same time, several data carriers with alleged evidence of their actions disappear. Several special investigators should clarify their whereabouts. Only three of Lügde’s six suspects are currently in custody – they are suspected of serious child sexual abuse. One of the other accused is said to have even deleted data relevant to the investigation. The authorities are also being investigated.

What happened in the Kleve correctional facility? The fire in a cell, as a result of which a Syrian inmate died, is assessed by the authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia as a suicide. But a media report now casts this assumption into doubt.

The Berlin police have set up a task force to deal with the investigation mishaps against the Breitscheidplatz assassin Anis Amri. Your report lists numerous mistakes made by officials. The effects were devastating.

In the case of the assistant nurse Grzegorz W., who is suspected of murder, the Essen police are drawing “” legal consequences “” for several officers. The reason for this should be mishaps in the investigation. The 36-year-old is said to have killed at least two people.

More than a year after the attack on Breitscheidplatz, for the first time a high-ranking officer has to face personal consequences. Berlin’s police chief Klaus Kandt has to go. That is right, inevitable, and yet unfair. A comment by Sebastian Huld Klaus Kandt has been controversial for a long time: Under his leadership, the Berlin police are making serious investigative mishaps in the Amri case.

The police academy also regularly causes negative headlines. Now the police chief has to take his hat off. Actually, the Union and the SPD want to do without a committee of inquiry in the Bundestag after the attack on the Christmas market. But after new investigation mishaps became known, Union faction leader Kauder changed his mind.biology essay writing services cheap During the evaluation of Anis Amri’s mobile phone, photos fell through the grid showing the later assassin with weapons.

NRW Interior Minister Reul speaks of a mistake “that shouldn’t have happened” “. The Anis Amri case always raises new questions. More than a year before the attack, according to a report, his roommate recognized the danger, turned to the authorities and raised the alarm. But his warnings are ineffective. The discovery of a DNA trace was spectacular – as were the doubts about it: After the public prosecutor’s office no longer ruled out an investigation into the Peggy case, the LKA Thuringia vigorously contradicted.

A contamination is “” unlikely “”. A piece of cloth at the location where the body of nine-year-old Peggy was found leads investigators on an unusual trail. You suspect a connection to the NSU terrorist Uwe Bönhardt. The police have now confirmed that this lead could be wrong.

In September 2015, 23-year-old Judith T. was murdered – only last month the police found the perpetrator, who has been convicted on several occasions. Now a crumpled piece of paper brings the authorities to an additional explanation difficulty. The state government admits errors. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of Easyjet In the spring, the Easyjet fleet is practically at a standstill. Only when the number of new corona infections has fallen does the demand for air travel recover .

But that can by far not compensate for the minus posted by the low-cost airline. The company is still hopeful. The newly opened capital city airport is entering the next phase: Air traffic is starting, the airlines are gradually moving. One crucial step is still missing for full commissioning. It should take place on Wednesday.

With a delay of more than eight years, the Berlin capital airport BER goes online. The starting shot was the landing of an Easyjet and a Lufthansa plane. The opening had been postponed several times due to structural defects. The costs tripled.

The new capital city airport near Berlin will open with a delay of nine years. But climate activists want to disrupt the celebrations. Some manage to climb the roof of the entrance building.

The airline Easyjet, on the other hand, is relieved after all these years. It’s getting serious: BER really wants to open tomorrow. The start date had to be canceled six times in nine years. So finally a happy ending?

The capital’s airport is finished, but there can be no talk of a happy ending. By Diana Dittmer and Martin Morcinek The airline Easyjet has been hard hit by the Corona crisis. For the first time in the company’s history, the airline has even posted an annual loss. And the forecast for the coming months doesn’t look any better either.

The low-cost airline Easyjet plans to expand its offer to 40 percent of last year’s capacity for the rest of the summer due to increased demand. The airline had previously announced 30 percent. Due to the pandemic, Easyjet has had a disastrous quarter. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of Saskia Esken Kevin Kühnert has given the Jusos a face – and made them a power factor in the SPD.

Now he’s quitting for a career in the Bundestag. That triggers violent feelings in him. Child protection activists are alarmed: From December onwards, filters could be banned in Europe that find millions of images of abuse online. The EU fails to find a quick solution.

By Philip Scupin The fight against a renewed grand coalition has made Kevin Kühnert known, at the beginning of 2021 he will step down as head of the Jusos. In the balance sheet interview with ntv.de, the GroKo skeptic praises the GroKo performance of his party – and calls for a training guarantee for young people. The Federal Ministry of Labor wants to give employees the right to work from home. But according to a survey there is no majority outside of the ministry.

The rejection is based on several reasons, not all of which are flattering. In the end it went quickly: The GroKo agreed to accept 1,500 refugees from Greece. At the same time, the Union and the SPD agree to continue pressing for a European solution.

The current agreement should not be counted towards this. SPD leader Esken would like to take in a high four-digit number of refugees as quickly as possible from the Greek islands, where the Moria camp has just burned down. Many municipalities are ready. But while the Greens would like to accelerate, CDU Vice Laschet brakes. The Greens want to rule again, their boss Baerbock now makes it unmistakably clear in an interview.

But under whose leadership? Since she keeps a low profile. And she is only quite reserved about the advances made by the SPD. In the spring, Interior Minister Seehofer tried to expand the powers of the police, but failed due to resistance from the SPD. A weakened draft should put the coalition partner in a mild mood.

But apparently the party leader Esken is vehemently against the law. The SPD selected Olaf Scholz early on as a respectable candidate for chancellor. His main goal: to overtake the Greens again.

His main chance: a central positioning. His main problem: Saskia Esken and the party’s shift to the left. By Wolfram Weimer Olaf Scholz’s candidacy for chancellor does not trigger any euphoria, not even in the SPD.

Nevertheless, one can congratulate the comrades on this clever personnel decision. It is the expression of a new pragmatism before a fateful choice for the Social Democrats. A comment by Sebastian Huld The SPD leadership duo Esken and Walter-Borjans recognize their own glaring inadequacy and make way for Olaf Scholz as the top candidate. The man who was denied the leadership of the party should lead Germany. Who should take the SPD seriously?

A comment by Thomas Schmoll Threatening emails with the sender “” NSU 2.0 “” primarily reach women – including the SPD chairwoman Esken. Although she does not feel personally threatened, despite the “” hideous “” content. But the news showed that the overall risk was increasing. In 1970, Willy Brandt’s government lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 years. Half a century later, a debate sparked about lowering the age further.

While the SPD and Greens want to involve young people in democratic processes earlier, the CSU sees no need for change. In his years on the political stage, Hans-Jochen Vogel left a lasting impression on politicians across party lines. The social democrat has now died at the age of 94. Federal politicians mourn the loss of a man who not only shaped his party but the whole country.

Throughout his life he was seen as the SPD’s good conscience. At the age of only 34, he started an unprecedented political career as Munich’s mayor. Ministerial posts, candidacies and the chairmanship of his party followed.

Now Hans-Jochen Vogel has died at the age of 94. In surveys, the SPD is well below 20 percent, but continues to dream of governance. In the conservative wing of the party there are also clear ideas about who could become chancellor: The so-called Seeheimers are promoting Olaf Scholz. The party leaders are silent – for the time being. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of the introduction of the euro Theo Waigel has had a decisive influence on German and European history.

The man with the distinctive eyebrows published his memoirs on his 80th birthday. An important CSU politician shouldn’t like that at all. How does the euro affect the economic strength of the monetary union?

In a comprehensive study, economists break down the consequences of the introduction of the euro at the country level. In doing so, they put their fingers unmoved in the open wounds of the euro zone. Why are Germans so attached to cash? Is the lack of digitization to blame?

Not only, says the economic sociologist Erik Hölzl from the University of Cologne. In April, a piece of butter at Aldi costs 1.19 euros. Three price increases follow, now the fourth. It is now the highest butter price since the introduction of the euro.

The amount of estimated D-Mark holdings in German households has remained high for years. The Bundesbank continues to exchange any amount into euros. For some coins and bills, however, the collector’s value is likely to be above the face value.

Marks and pennies worth billions are still in circulation despite the introduction of the euro. A part is likely to be dormant abroad. But the D-Mark has not yet completely disappeared from everyday life in Germany. Obviously, many Germans cannot completely renounce the old currency. There are notes and coins in circulation with a value of more than 6.5 billion euros – but there is no rush to exchange them.

They do not exist in Germany, but the constitutions of many European states provide for referendums. And the people’s will has already stalled EU projects several times by means of referendums. A new TV documentary shows the last big interview with Helmut Kohl. In it, the former Chancellor, who appears relaxed, also speaks about the introduction of the euro and the integration of the Greeks into the monetary union. Christian Rothenberg Brussels pulled the emergency brake: The transition period until the final switch to Sepa is to be extended by half a year.

The monetary authorities consider this to be the wrong signal. The final stage of the euro introduction is to be ignited faster. In Latvia, preparations for the introduction of the euro are in full swing.

The Baltic country seems armed. But the population looks forward to the farewell of the local lats with a lot of sadness. The countdown is on: a few months before the euro is introduced in Latvia, the population is enthusiastic about saying goodbye to their familiar money with a wink. “” Paldies Latinam “”, a song about the Latvian lats, is a hit on Youtube.

Lithuania is preparing for the introduction of the euro on January 1, 2015 with German help. Germany is the major beneficiary of the introduction of the euro. More and more Germans seem to see it that way. The acceptance of the common currency is growing in this country, almost 70 percent want to keep the new money.

In the opinion of Ifo boss Sinn “” the euro experiment “” went quite wrong. Nevertheless, he considers the common currency to be viable. However, according to Sinn, it is possible that Greece and Portugal leave the currency union. In his opinion, Germany is not the winner of the introduction of the euro. The introduction of the euro has apparently heralded a turning point in Greece.

According to statistics from the European Union, Greece was previously economically relatively solid. Spain and Portugal also showed more discipline before the currency reform. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from n-tv.de on the subject of epilepsy” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of extortion The burdens of the corona pandemic also call cyber criminals on the scene who want to make profit out of necessity. Hospitals and other systemically important facilities are increasingly the target of attacks.

Experts complain about backlogs in IT security. Because they want to continue violating the rule of law at home, Hungary and Poland are blocking the EU budget package, which also includes Corona reconstruction aid. The other EU countries must find a way to organize the allocation of the funds without these countries. A comment by Carsten Mierke He is accused of blackmail, deprivation of liberty and dangerous bodily harm – but now the trial against the Berlin clan chief Abou-Chaker has to be put on hold for the time being. The reason for this is the corona infection of the rapper and co-plaintiff Bushido.

Contracts have to be adhered to – this is how the World Ice Hockey Federation IIHF answered the demands that the World Cup should not be held in Belarus as planned.

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