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Basketballs as decoration in Thailand

Three decades later there was the first sales stand for Christmas trees in the city, which were initially decorated with fruits and gingerbread. For several years now, several municipalities in the Czech Republic have been competing for the largest living, decorated Christmas tree. The current record holder is a spruce tree more than 30 meters high in the small town of Mladkov.

Basketballs as decoration in Thailand

In Thailand, where almost the entire population is Buddhist, Christmas and Christmas decorations do not play a major role. With one exception: Christmas trees are an essential part of the big shopping centers for commercial reasons. There are hardly any limits to the freedom of design.

In Bangkok, for example, there is a stylized tree that – for whatever reason – is not only decorated with balls, but also with soccer balls and basketballs. At temperatures of 35 degrees upwards, the trees are rarely real. In some places you can find rather dry metal dummies on the sidewalk, classically decorated with balls and stars.

“Christmas Pickle” in the USA

In the US, people love Christmas trees that are fully hung. Some trees in living rooms and front gardens are so glittering, colorful and shrill that it almost hurts the eyes of Europeans. Many families hang their Christmas trees with medal-shaped ornaments that contain small souvenir photos of family members or special occasions.

Christmas cucumber: Anyone who discovers the “Christmas Pickle” will receive an additional gift in the USA.

On some trees there is a very strange ornament: a sour cucumber, made of glass or plastic, hangs a bit hidden. They are called “Christmas Pickle” or “Good Luck Pickle”. If children discover them, they will be given another gift. Americans believe that the custom originally came from Germany – although the Christmas cucumber is largely unknown there. Popcorn garlands are also popular.

Beware of French “Bredele”

In France, Alsace is a Christmas stronghold. Some tradition-conscious people still hang “Bredele” on the Christmas tree like in the old days – that is, home-baked cookies. The word comes from the Alsatian dialect and means something like “small bread”.

But be careful: not all of these stars, males or rocking horses made of dough are edible. Recipes with cinnamon, cloves – and glue are circulating on the Internet. These cookies are not baked, just dried. They should be so durable that they cannot decorate the Christmas tree for just one season.

In Greece, decoration takes place as early as November

The Christmas tree does not have a very long tradition in Greece. The Bavarian Prince Otto von Wittelsbach, who was Greece’s first modern king from 1832 to 1862, is said to have introduced it. The trees prefer to flash brightly and fully loaded – they are made of plastic in all colors, but real fir green is also used. In addition, the tree in the living room is decorated as early as November so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Typically Greek, however, is another tradition: in many taverns and shops, as well as at ports and marketplaces, there are boats adorned with lights at Christmas. In this way, the seafaring nation is reminiscent of the seamen and fishermen who are away from their families at sea even on holidays.

In Bulgaria, Christmas trees are left standing longer

In Bulgaria, since the fall of the Eastern Bloc, people have liked to follow Western European fashion trends when it comes to Christmas decorations. This year the trend color purple as well as metallic tones, gold, copper and silver were often adopted.

The special thing about Orthodox Bulgaria is that the decorated trees and all of the Christmas decorations remain there at least until Orthodox Christmas according to the old Julian calendar on January 7th – at home, in shopping centers, shop windows and on the main streets.123helpme.me Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church only switched from the old Julian to the Gregorian calendar 50 years ago – in 1968.

Artificial lights on artificial trees in Italy 

In Italy, Christmas trees are usually set up on December 8th. Then the Pope inaugurates the tree in St. Peter’s Square, which is a great spectacle every year. Real fir trees, on the other hand, are rare among private individuals; most have a plastic tree.

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Like in Germany, it is then decorated with lights, balls and various pendants. You often look in vain for real candles for the Christmas tree in Italy, so people prefer to use electric lights.

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Nothing beats a good working atmosphere. It is an important factor for employee satisfaction – and thus for the quality of the work. The Christmas season is the ideal opportunity to show your colleagues your appreciation with a self-made Advent calendar. 

Advent calendar for a good atmosphere in the office

Photo series with 6 pictures

Inspirations and tips for the perfect advent calendar.

With the help of an Advent calendar for your teammate or his office partner, you automatically create a good atmosphere: you loosen up everyday office life and at the same time maintain a traditional Christmas custom. Every day brings a little surprise for everyone involved. The following tips will help you with the design.

Tip 1: assign doors and choose gifts correctly.

Depending on the number of employees, it is a good idea to assign one or more doors to each of them by Christmas Day. Alternatively, the doors can also be drawn. 

When choosing gifts, the rule is: every colleague needs to be thought of. Think carefully beforehand what each and every one of you would be particularly happy about when he opens his little door. Maybe one of your colleagues likes to drink green tea? Then surprise him with a special variety that he does not yet know. Nothing makes a person so happy as to be “recognized” by others. 

Tip 2: design the calendar with love

There are many options and concepts open to you to fill the advent calendar with content. You can find four ideas here: 

Photo advent calendar: The end of the year always offers a special occasion to indulge in memories. The photos from the last company party, the after-work beer or the company outing are a nice basis for a Christmas calendar. You can find help with handicrafts and creative design on the Internet. You can also create professional advent calendars on various photo websites. Take into account the time for printing and delivery so that you can give away the calendar punctually on December 1st. Scherz calendar: With a good helping of fun, work is much easier. How to make your colleagues, your office partner or boss laugh: Write 24 pieces of paper with funny content, such as facts from the “Unnecessary knowledge” section, amusing pictures or original jokes. The advantage: This variant is very inexpensive. A beautiful handwriting and paper with a Christmas print are enough to create an advent calendar that is as original as it is entertaining. Here you score with creativity and wit. Tip for next year: Collect your advent calendar slogans during the year. Gourmet calendar. If your office partner or boss raves about regular restaurant visits or local cooking arias – you land a direct hit. The idea is also ideally suited as an overall concept for colleagues. Small cooking utensils, cookie molds, spices, oils, cookbooks or recipes are ideal for filling the calendar. Disadvantage: This advent calendar can quickly become expensive; the alternative is to bake cookies. A Christmas calendar made of biscuits is quick to make and keeps the blood sugar level of those who have a sweet tooth stable in everyday work. Traditional shortcrust biscuits only need 200 g flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 75 g butter, 75 g sugar, a packet of vanilla sugar, an egg and 12 minutes of baking time. When cutting out, make a hole in the middle of the dough, then the finished cookies can be threaded onto a string. You can find more cookie recipes here. For the pre-Christmas season: Advent calendars for adults Culinary advent calendars: The Advent advent calendars tastes so delicious with chocolate and pralines: Exquisite specialties every day Photo advent calendars: The individual Christmas calendars Make advent calendars yourself: Simple tips and ideas that will appeal

Tip 3: Package the good employment relationship properly

Once you have found 24 small, thematically matching gifts, you need to pack them stylishly. Household items such as matchboxes, sandwich bags, painted toilet paper or colored envelopes are great. For a gourmet Christmas calendar, you can paint empty disposable glasses or wrap them with colored paper. In the craft shop there is also a selection of storage utensils specially designed for the advent calendar.

During the Advent season it is customary to decorate and decorate the apartment in a festive way. Many people rely on the popular door wreath, which you can buy ready-made or – with a little skill – you can make it yourself.

Advent, Advent … That belongs to a contemplative pre-Christmas season

Photo series with 10 pictures

Advent – Christmas reception at the front door

Just when you are expecting guests, they will be the first to see your door. With the decoration on your door, you can send a friendly signal even before they meet and put your guests in a festive mood.

By attaching a door wreath, you signal that you are consciously experiencing and enjoying the Advent season – and of course that you are already looking forward to Christmas.

Tinker Advent door wreath yourself

You can make a door wreath for the Advent season yourself with relatively little effort. Get a ring as a base from the craft store. This can consist of straw or styrofoam.

Styrofoam is a bit cheaper, but the straw wreath is more robust and more durable. Now attach fir branches to the blank. Thin wire in dark green will do you good service. Then you start to decorate the door wreath as you wish.

So your wreath becomes an eye-catcher

When designing the door wreath, you can let your imagination run wild. Since less is sometimes more, you should not overload the wreath too much. It is better to choose, for example, a few ribbons in red or gold tones.

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Pine cones and berries, but also dried apple rings or oranges are suitable as decorative elements. At the end you attach a ribbon to hang on the door wreath and drive a small nail into the door – the Christmas decoration is ready.

Ten children made a very special gift to the officers of the Elberfeld police station at Hofkamp in Wuppertal. They had been invited to decorate the Christmas tree there.

Ten preschool children from the day care center of the Herz Jesu family center in Wuppertal festively decorated a Christmas tree at the police station in Elberfeld on Wednesday. With self-made Christmas decorations. “For two weeks the children have been thinking about what they could do with tree decorations,” said the director of the Catholic day-care center, Kristina Mäsing, t-online.de.

Everyone was very excited and really looking forward to the guard’s visit. Right at the front was six-year-old Viktor, who was proud to put the last star at the top of the fir tree.

Children decorate a Christmas tree: with a little help, the decorations found the right place on the Christmas tree at the police station. (Source: Ulrich Brüne)

Most of them, however, at first seemed dumb with happiness. And when the first excitement subsided and the tree was lovingly decorated, the kids were only too happy to sing a Christmas carol or two.

Children were also given presents

It was no coincidence that the Herz Jesu day care center was allowed to decorate the tree. “We have had a very close and good relationship with the day-care center for a long time,” explained Christof Billen, First Chief Detective Inspector and specially traveled from the Presidium to Friedrich-Engels-Alle to greet the little guests together with the responsible district official Vonhausen-Soja and help them decorate.

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The children didn’t go home without a present either: As a thank you, everyone was given a bag with lots of little surprises. And maybe one or the other even gave birth to a first career desire.

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