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For the women affected, this means a major reduction in their quality of life

The solution are flowing fabrics that surround the body and give the stomach space. Dresses that have creases or A-line dresses that widen towards the bottom are particularly suitable for this.

Tip: "Flowing fabrics that flatter the figure are particularly good", explains style advisor Stephanie Zarnic from Berlin. In addition, large patterns and dresses as well as tops made of matt fabrics are ideal to make the stomach appear slimmer or to distract from it.

The following items of clothing and accessories make the belly disappear visually:

Tops and dresses with a V-neckline or eye-catchers, such as central button placket and zippersTops and dresses with vertical stripesLong tops such as tunics or long shirtsHigh-waist trousers with a high percentage of stretchLong chains or scarvesFor underneath: figure-shaping underwear for the stomach

Conceal wide hips

It emphasizes the waist: the pencil skirt. (Source: Samoon)

Are you bothered by your wide hips? Then it is best to emphasize your waist. Pencil skirts or tailored dresses are particularly suitable for this. This shows off your core and the garments flatter your curves. The same applies to high-waist jeans, which can be combined well with a waist belt and cardigan.

A body-hugging look is not for you? Then go for a wide flared skirt. Not only is it trendy, it hides your hips in no time at all. But be careful, circle skirts with floral prints are bulky. Therefore, Zarnic advises: "Better to choose a floral top that distracts from a wider hip."

Tip: Make sure that the skirts always sit at the waist. In addition, shaping underwear, such as a shapewear waist shaper, brings your curves into the desired shape.

Conceal your bottom

With a few tricks, the buttocks are put in the limelight. (Source: Staras / Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

A large bottom can be shaped with pockets on the pants. It is important that the pockets are not too small and sit tightly together. This makes the bottom area appear much smaller. Straight-cut trousers have the same effect.

If you like to wear skirts, you should make sure that it is not wrinkled, i.e. made of a flowing fabric, and that it is knee-length. Tops, on the other hand, should end just above the widest part of the hips. A longer jacket worn openly rounds off the look.

Hide thighs

Finding the right pants to make strong thighs look slimmer is easy if you choose the right shape. Boyfriend jeans, i.e. straight-cut pants or slightly flared pants such as bootcut jeans, are best. The right color is also important: dark washes make you look slimmer. Leggings and skinny jeans, on the other hand, are a no-go, because they add extra weight.

You can also hide your legs with shorts – yes, that really works. To do this, choose longer and wider cut models that reach down to the knee.

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Dresses and skirts are of course also perfect for unloved legs "disappear" allow. Here again, A-line-shaped cuts are best. Tip: Your legs will look elongated when the dress or skirt ends at the narrowest part of the leg. This is the case just above or below the knees for most women.

Instead of hiding your thighs, however, you can simply focus on your upper body. This works best with:

V-neck tops that draw attention to the cleavageTops with ruffles, shoulder pads or large patterns Airy, longer-cut blouses, scarves and shawls from a striking statement chain

Conceal your calves

Don’t like your calves? Then maxi skirts and dresses are exactly the right choice, as they simply hide the problem area. If you prefer to wear trousers, you should opt for dark colors and wide cuts so that the trousers do not fit snugly around the calves.

With the right shoe, calves can be cheated optically slimmer. (Source: Staras / Thinkstock by Getty-Images)

The right choice of shoes can also visually stretch the leg and thus the calf. High heels are best for this. But of course you can also wear more comfortable shoes. It is only important that these do not end on the calf itself, such as with boots. In winter, you should therefore use boot models with a wide shaft.

Use extreme patterns very specifically

You should absolutely avoid extreme patterns and bright colors, especially in your problem areas – otherwise you will have achieved exactly the opposite effect and direct the eye of your counterpart there.

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When it comes to your outfit, it is also best to always make sure that you highlight your best side and show what you have to offer.how to end a argumentative essay And most importantly: be proud of your curves!

According to the AOK, too many patients die in cancer operations. Many clinics lack the experience with complicated interventions. The health insurance company is now sounding the alarm.

According to a study, many patients in Germany die too early because they are treated in clinics with too little experience in complicated cancer operations. These "Occasional surgery" is not acceptable, criticized Martin Litsch, chairman of the AOK Federal Association, when presenting the "Quality monitor". The problem can only be dealt with through a minimum number of operations.

According to the study, the number of deaths from lung cancer operations alone could drop by around a fifth – from 361 to 287 deaths per year – by introducing a calculated minimum of 108 procedures per year.

A fifth of the patients who often have to have part of their lungs removed, on the other hand, are treated in a total of 260 clinics, which on average only perform five of these operations per year.

"It is very likely that the necessary surgical routine and the specialization necessary for adequate overall care may not be available in these clinics", explained Thomas Mansky from the Technical University of Berlin, one of the study authors.

Clinics with few operations are the problem

This is also confirmed by data from the German Cancer Society (DKG), which, according to its own information, has certified 49 lung cancer centers nationwide. They would have to perform a minimum of 75 lung cancer operations per year and also meet a number of quality criteria.

The problem is the many clinics at the other end of the spectrum. "These are usually general surgery departments that only occasionally perform thoracic surgery", explains DKG expert Simone Wesselmann.

In lung cancer centers, the mortality rates of patients are therefore significantly lower than in hospitals, which perform the procedure less often.

An evaluation based on hospital billing data from 2015 shows a mortality rate of only 2.5 percent in clinics with more than 75 lung cancer operations per year, while it is 4.1 percent in clinics with fewer operations per year.

According to the AOK report, a similar picture emerges with other cancers such as esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer and bladder and colon cancer. "In Germany there are still far too many clinics that only carry out complicated cancer operations every now and then"warns Mansky.

AOK requires minimum quantities for operations

The AOK wants to introduce the demand for the introduction of minimum quantities for complicated operations in lung cancer and breast cancer in the joint federal committee of doctors, health insurers and hospitals. In the case of esophageal and pancreatic cancer, the health insurance fund demands an increase in the existing minimum quantities.

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The quality monitor provides data on the number of cases and quality indicators of the German hospitals for six clinical pictures and treatments. In addition to lung cancer operations, this time the focus is on the care of premature babies, obstetrics and the implantation of knee and hip joint prostheses.

Terms like vulvodynia and vestibulodynia are likely to be foreign to most women. Pain and burning in the genital area, more precisely in the vulva area, are less unfamiliar to them. For the women affected, this means a major reduction in their quality of life. The road to diagnosis is often long.

Gynecologists speak of vulvodynia when pain and burning occur throughout the vulva, and vestibulodynia when the symptoms persist for at least three months in the moist part of the vulva, between the labia minora. Pain and burning sensation can occur spontaneously or when touched. Sometimes there is reddening.

Vulvodynia and vestibulodynia: Every 20th woman affected once in a lifetime

"It is estimated that every 20th woman suffers from inexplicable pain and burning sensation in the genital area at some point in her life. Some of them even for several years", knows Professor Werner Mendling, head of the German Center for Infections in Gynecology and Obstetrics and a member of the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics. "Many women cannot have sex or use tampons. Even cycling and sitting are often not possible or only possible with severe pain." 

And not only that: even urinating can lead to severe pain, as can bleeding during your period. To make it clear how stressful the disease can be: Many people affected report it "Pain like fire", "piercing needles", "grater" or "open meat". 

There is no infection in vulvodynia and vestibulodynia

The causes of vulvodynia and vestibulodynia are not yet fully understood. The special thing about the clinical picture is that there is neither an infection nor a skin disease. Research suggests that the pain disorder often occurs in connection with emotionally stressful conflicts and psychological stress.

Disturbances in the processing of pain in the sensitive skin area and in the central nervous system are discussed as well as an upregulation of the immune system with an overproduction of pain-causing molecules. Traumas and nerve growth factors are also considered.

"Pain disorder in the genital area hardly known"

"Unfortunately, this disease is still little known to the general public and to doctors, so that many women who suffer from it are wronged if their problem is carelessly dismissed as a permanent infection or a psychological problem"says Mendling, who has been studying the symptoms of vulvodynia and vestibulodynia for many years. "Much educational work is still needed here. The more women and doctors know that this pain disorder exists and that it is anything but rare, the better the chances of an early diagnosis and alleviation of the symptoms."

Burning Vulva Syndrome: These symptoms may indicate the pain disorder

From vulvodynia or vestibulodynia, also in the past "Burning Vulva Syndrome" women should think if, in addition to the recurring sensitivity to pain and burning sensation in the genital area, there are no other symptoms typical of other diseases, such as discharge, an unpleasant odor, oozing or itching.

Wrong therapy intensifies the symptoms

Without a diagnosis of the stressful disorder, the women affected get into a vicious circle of pain and various therapies. "The most important component that aggravates the symptoms is the constant use of skin and vaginal creams or vaginal suppositories without an infection being present"according to the expert. 

Another problem is that studies of bacteriological cultures from the vagina often lead to bacteria that belong to the normal flora being viewed as critical. Lengthy and unnecessary antibiotic treatments, which destroy the vaginal balance even more, are often the result. "As a result, many women also face new problems, including bladder infections. Or mushrooms take over", says Mendling. 

There is no drug for vulvodynia and vestibulodynia

If the diagnosis of vulvodynia or vestibulodynia is made, the use of antibiotics and antifungal agents (antimycotics) should be stopped, according to the expert. The genital area is simply washed with water and carefully patted dry. In terms of medication, local or oral antiepileptic drugs or antidepressants can be considered, which are able to reduce so-called neuropathic pain. 

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"A holistic, interdisciplinary concept is important in order to get back on track psychosocially and physically. The therapy must be put together individually. Every woman reacts differently to the different treatment options. Sometimes relief can only be achieved after a few tries", says Mendling. In the last step, surgery can also help. In some women, the symptoms subside on their own after a while.

Whether on the beach or in the mountains: ideally, we switch off completely when we are on vacation, not thinking about work, the household or the calendar full of appointments. But back home, the stress quickly returns and the relaxation disappears. With these tips, your recovery will last longer. 

1. Provide sufficient relaxation even on vacation

Are there ways to take the holiday relaxation with you into everyday life? If you want to stay relaxed for as long as possible, you should first ensure that this feeling really occurs. "It is therefore important to find out for yourself when and how to experience relaxation or other recreational experiences"says Prof.

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