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Issued by _______________________ vocational education)

IV. Contract time human trafficking argumentative essay This Agreement shall enter into force on the day of its signing and ends after graduation from a higher education institution and the conclusion by the Citizen of a contract on the passage of military service. V. Procedure for resolving disputes 1. All disputes between the parties to this Agreement are resolved in in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation. 2. This Agreement is drawn up in 2 copies having equal legal force. The first copy is kept in the personal file of the Citizen in the higher educational institution, the second copy is issued to the Citizen. Citizen ___________________ For the Ministry of Defense of the Russian (full name) Federation – head of the educational ___________________ military center at (signature) __________________________________ (name of the federal Passport: series _____ N ______ state educational institutions of higher Issued by _______________________ vocational education) (issued by, date of issue) ___________________________________ (military rank, f. and. o.) ____________________ (signature) Legal representative (with AGREED necessary) ____________________________ Rector ____________________________ (full name) (name of the federal __________________ state educational (signature) of the institution of higher ____________________________ vocational education) (legal status ___________________________________ representative and details (full name) supporting document) ____________________ (signature) Passport: series _____ N _____ Issued by ______________________ M.P. (issued by, date of issue) _______________

APPROVED BYgovernment decreeRussian Federationof March 6, 2008N 152

P O L O L E N I Eabout the faculties of military training (militarydepartments) at federal stateeducational institutions of highervocational education

I. General Provisions

1. Faculty of military training (military department)created under the federal stateeducational institution of highervocational education (hereinafter – highereducational institution) for the purpose of training according to the programmilitary training of civilian reserve officersOf the Russian Federation studying in thisfull-time educational institutiontraining in basic educational programshigher professional education (hereinafterrespectively – citizens, the maineducational programs).

At higher educational institutions are created inestablished order in order to implementtraining of reserve officers:

in military registration specialties of variousProfiles – Faculty of Military Education,consisting of several military departments;

in the military registration specialties of oneprofile – military department.

2. The main tasks of the Faculty of Militarytraining (military department) (hereinafter – militarydepartment) are:

military training program implementationreserve officers at military departments formilitary registration specialties (hereinafter – militarytraining);

participation in educational work andmilitary vocational guidance workyouth.

3. In a branch of a higher education institutionmilitary training is allowedcitizens at the military department, if on the basis of the branchone of the military departments is permanently located,included in the faculty of military training,and has its own educational and material base.

4. Military training of a citizencarried out in the process of his studies in higher educationeducational institution for basic educationthe program on a voluntary basis on the basis ofcontracts in the form according to the appendix,concluded between the citizen and the Ministrydefense of the Russian Federation on training inmilitary training program at the military department(hereinafter referred to as the contract).

The number of citizens undergoing the militarytraining, established by the Ministryeducation and science of the Russian Federation andfederal executive body,acting as the founder of thishigher education institution, based on the orderMinistry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

5. The staffing table of the military departmentis developed by a higher education institution,agreed with the federal authorityexecutive branchpowers of the founder of this higher educationinstitutions, and the Ministry of Defense of the RussianFederation and approved by the rector.

6. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:

a) determines the list of military registrationspecialties for whichmilitary training, taking into account specialties inbasic educational program of highereducational institution;

b) annually determines the need for citizens,involved in military training, and directsto the Ministry of Education and Science of the RussianFederation, federal executive bodiesauthority exercising powers of the founderhigher education institutions, and higher educationinstitutions relevant proposals;

c) develops together with the Ministryeducation and science of the Russian Federation andfederal executive bodies,exercising the powers of the founder of the highesteducational institutions, and approves programsmilitary training in military registrationspecialties;

d) organizes activities formedical examination of citizens,who have expressed a desire to go through (passing) a militarytraining, citizens who have successfully completed militarypreparation and graduating from higher educationinstitution, as well as activities forprofessional psychological selectioncitizens who have expressed a desire to go through the militarypreparation;

e) organizes the competitive selectioncitizens who have expressed a desire to go through the militarypreparation, concludes an agreement with citizens,passed the competitive selection;

f) carries out in agreement with the rectorsrelevant higher education institutions selectionand the direction of military personnel passingmilitary service under contract, and citizens,in reserve, not for military positionsteaching staff of military departments atthese higher education institutions;

g) together with a higher educational institutionplans and organizes trainingfees or internships of citizens provided formilitary training program (hereinafter – educationalfees), as well as final certificationcitizens for military training;

h) provides in the prescribed mannermilitary departments of weapons, military equipment,other material means necessaryto ensure the educational process (hereinafter -military equipment);

i) provides, if necessary, fieldtraining base;

j) organizes and provides repairs,transportation, loading (unloading), installation andadjustment of military equipment and simulators for militarydepartments;

k) together with the Ministry of Education andscience of the Russian Federation and federalexecutive authorities exercisingpowers of the founder of higher education institutions,organizes and coordinates the educational,methodical and educational work;

m) carries out in the prescribed mannercontrol over the activities of military departments.

7. Ministry of Education and Science of the RussianFederation and federal executive bodiesauthority exercising powers of the founderinstitutions of higher education:

a) create the necessary conditions for the organizationmilitary training and form common approaches toher;

b) participate in the development of the military programtraining in military registration specialties;

c) participate in the creation of the necessaryeducational and material base of military departments, exceptequipping with military equipment;

d) jointly with the Ministry of DefenseOf the Russian Federation organize and implementcoordination of the activities of military departments.

8. Rector of a higher educational institution, atwhich created the military department:

a) organizes the conduct of military training,creation and development of the necessaryeducational and material base of the military department,ensuring the safety of military equipment, as well asprotection of information constituting statesecret;

b) represents in the prescribed manner inMinistry of Defense of the Russian Federationapplications for the provision of the military department of militarytechnique;

c) provides the military department with separatepremises, facilitieselectronic computers, communications,office equipment, reference and informationmaterials;

d) participates in the coordination of the educational,methodical and educational work of the militarydepartments;

e) organizes regular discussion of the statecases in the field of military training at meetingsadministration and academic council of higher educationinstitutions.

II. Features of the selection of citizens fortheir military training at the military department

9. Citizens before their 30th birthdayage who have expressed a desire to go through the militarypreparation in the course of training in basiceducational program, are selected forcompetitive basis.

10. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federationjointly with the Ministry of Education and ScienceOf the Russian Federation and federal authoritiesexecutive power implementingpowers of the founder of higher education institutions,determines the procedure for holding a competitiveselection of citizens for militarypreparation and procedure for creating a competitivecommission.

11. Competitive selection consists ofpreliminary and main selection.

Pre-selection includesdetermination of a citizen’s compliancerequirements for specificmilitary registration specialties, carrying outmedical examinationmilitary medical commission to determinefitness for military service for health reasons,conducting professional psychologicalselection.

The main selection is carried out by competitivecommission among citizens who have passedpreliminary selection, based on the methodology,approved by the Ministry of Defense of the RussianFederation in agreement with the Ministryeducation and science of the Russian Federation andfederal executive bodies,exercising the powers of the founder of the highesteducational institutions.

12. The procedure for selecting candidates from among citizensfemale is determined by the Ministrydefense of the Russian Federation and federalexecutive authorities in whichfederal law provides for militaryservice, provided that their trainingprovided by the military training program forspecific military specialty.

13. A citizen who has passed a competitive selection forbased on the decision of the tender committee, concludesagreement and order of the rector of higher educationinstitutions are admitted to military training.

III. Military educational activitiesChairs

14. Educational activity isthe main activity of the military department andincludes organizing and conductingeducational, methodical and educational work.

15. Military training is conducted on specificmilitary registration specialties in accordance withmilitary training programs.

General requirements for content and organizationmilitary training are established by thisRegulations, acts of the Ministry of DefenseRussian Federation, Ministry of Educationand science of the Russian Federation, federalexecutive authorities carrying outpowers of the founder of higher education institutions,and the statutes of higher education institutions.

The procedure for developing a military programtraining is determined by the Ministry of DefenseOf the Russian Federation and the Ministryeducation and science of the Russian Federation.

16. The military training program includesyourself:

a) qualification requirements forestablished military specialty;

b) the general calculation of hours for the training program anddistribution of study time;

c) working curricula, curriculumdisciplines, practices, training sessions of citizens and theirfinal certification in military training.

17.Military training is given 450 hoursclassroom lessons and 144 hours of study time fortraining fees.

18. Training camps are held in the establishedorder at the end of the last schoolsemesters at the military department in military units,usually in the summer.

19. Training sessions at the military departmentare carried out, as a rule, by the method of "militarydays "lasting 9 academic hours,of which 6 hours are devoted to training sessions, 2hours – for independent work of citizens and 1 hour -for organizational and educational work,training.

20. The study by citizens of academic disciplines onmilitary training program is conducted on the basisknowledge gained by them in the course of masteringspecial disciplines in basiceducational program required forobtaining the qualification "specialist" orqualifications (degrees) "Master".

IV. Organization and procedure for conducting trainingfees

21. Training fees are an integral part ofmilitary training designed forpractical training of citizens of exploitation,repair, combat use of weapons and militarytechnique, improvementteam-methodical skills and skillseducational work, general military and physicalpreparation, practicing exercises, techniques andstandards defined by statutes,manuals and guides, implementationother combat training missions and acquisitionscitizens of experience in the performance of duties forofficial purpose and are carried out 1 timefor the entire training period.

The duration of the training camp is 30 days.

Time for citizens to travel to training camps andback to the duration of training feesis counted.

The day of arrival is considered to be the start of training camp.a citizen to a military unit in whichtraining camps are held, and the end is a daydeparture of a citizen from this military unit.

22. Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:

a) determines in agreement with the rectorshigher educational institutions place and timeconducting training camps;

b) provides comprehensive supporttraining fees;

c) monitors the conducttraining fees.

23. Higher educational institution:

a) organizes the planning and implementationorganizational, educational, educational andother activities in preparation for trainingfees;

b) submits to the military commissariat at the placelocation of institution of higher education listscitizens to be sent to educationalfees, as well as information that are subjectentry into the documents of military registration;

c) directs the teachingthe composition of military departments in military units andpays them travel expenses,related to the organization and conduct of trainingfees;

d) notifies citizens of their direction totraining fees;

e) organizes, if necessary,established by the legislation of the RussianFederation of the order of vaccination of citizens beforedirection for training fees.

24. Sending citizens to study feesproduced by the local military commissariatlocation of the higher educational institution onbased on plans for training camps.

25. On the proposal of a higher educational institutionat the military commissariat at the locationhigher education institution is organizedmedical examination of citizens,to be sent to training camps.

Citizens who have not passed medicalsurvey or by resultssurveys recognized as unsuitable forhealth conditions for the passage of training camps,and also did not pass the ones provided by the programmilitary training credits and exams for educationalno fees will be sent.

26. Payment of travel of citizens to the venuetraining fees and back are carried out at the expense offunds provided for the Ministry of DefenseOf the Russian Federation for the mobilizationtraining, retraining of reserves andtraining activities based on costtravel:

a) by rail – in a reserved seata carriage of any train category;

b) by sea transport – in places of the IV categorycabins of ships of transport lines;

c) by inland waterway transport – in places IIIcategories of cabins of ships of transport routes (whentheir presence on the ship);

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