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Children can lose trust in their parents

Whether goose, carp or potato salad: A lot ends up on the table in Germany on Christmas Eve – and far too much of it in the garbage. How do you deal with waste? A start-up offers solutions.

Whether roast goose, raclette or sausages with potato salad – every family has their own food traditions at Christmas. What unites many, however: Often the hunger is not enough to finish everything on the richly laid table. “” You have a good time on the holidays. There you have guests and you shop generously, nobody should be neglected “, says Frank Waskow from the consumer center in North Rhine-Westphalia. Many a holiday feast ends up in the trash.

Food waste is particularly evident during the holidays, but is a problem year round. On average, 81.6 kilos of food per consumer in Germany end up in the waste bin every year. According to a study by the University of Stuttgart funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, around eleven million tons of food are thrown away every year in this country. In the EU it is 88 million tonnes – on farms, in retail, in restaurants and in private households.

The European Union (EU) wants to halve this amount by 2030. For this purpose, the EU Commission has founded the “” Platform for Food Loss and Waste “” with representatives from politics and business. Among other things, they should work on making food donations easier.

In addition, the understanding of the best-before date in the population should be improved. Because: According to a Eurobarometer survey, many consumers misinterpret the date and throw away food even though it is still edible. The best-before date indicates how long specific properties such as color, consistency and taste can be retained if stored correctly. The indication does not mean that food has to be thrown away after the date has passed.

“” We distributed ten million kilos of food “”

Even in the catering trade, food ends up in the garbage that could still be eaten without hesitation – in Germany around one million tons per year. A Berlin start-up wants to do something about it: “We thought about using what would otherwise be disposed of in the restaurant in the evening,” says Marvin Schawe from MealSaver. His company has developed an app to distribute leftover food from the hospitality industry. The app shows which restaurants in the vicinity are currently offering which dishes. For 1.50 euros to 4.50 euros, app owners can then strike.

Around 160 restaurants in Berlin are currently participating in the campaign. “So far we have saved over a ton of food from being wasted,” says Schawe. In 2017 the app will also be launched in other German cities. Schawe says: “” We are also concerned with making people more aware of the problem of waste in general. “”

The Foodsharing initiative also wants to contribute to the responsible use of food.123helpme.me Since 2012, members have been sharing food with the help of publicly accessible refrigerators or shelves and via the movement’s website. The food comes from private households and supermarkets. “Although we haven’t been around for long, we’ve already picked up food 460,000 times and distributed around ten million kilos of food,” says Nicole Klaski from Foodsharing. She collects groceries in supermarkets and then gives them away.

Cheese classics: fondue and raclette – delicious treats for New Year’s Eve Christmas dinner: sausages with potato salad as a feast Tender meat with crispy skin: quick festive enjoyment with duck breast, delicious cabbage cooking: enjoyment without side effects

Initiatives and start-ups such as MealSaver and Foodsharing could of course not completely solve the problem of food waste, says consumer advocate Frank Waskow. “But these many small building blocks contribute to increased awareness. That is a good breeding ground for avoiding food waste. ”Of course, the best thing is if nothing is left in the first place.

Poultry dishes are very popular at Christmas. Compared to roast classics, a tasty duck breast can be prepared quickly and easily. The best part is the crispy skin. We’ll give you tips on how to make the duck breast tender pink on the inside and crispy on the outside.

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Not all ducks are created equal. To make sure that the meat is fresh and of high quality, it is best to use local produce from a farmer or a trusted butcher. There you can also find out about the keeping conditions. In the case of shrink-wrapped bargain goods from the supermarket, poor keeping conditions are guaranteed. The taste is also usually not that good.

Prepare the duck breast: remove the silver skin

You can recognize fresh meat by its firm, light and dry skin. It must also not have any cracks or stains. After washing and dabbing dry, be sure to cut away the silver skin and tendons and fat from the underside of the duck breast fillet. Use the sharpest possible knife for this.

Cut into the skin just before frying

The duck skin is scratched on the upper side of the breast – either in a classic cross shape so that rhombuses are created or in oblique stripes. This allows the fat to escape during frying and the skin becomes nice and crispy. Be careful: do not cut into the meat.

How long does the duck have to roast?

The duck breast is then seared without adding any fat. Place the meat skin side down in the pan. Set the stove to medium temperature. If the meat begins to sizzle, let it cook for about five minutes until it is lightly brown. Then the meat is turned. Do not prick the meat with a fork, otherwise the meat juice will leak out. The meat side then has to roast for two to three minutes. Season the duck breast with a little salt and pepper and turn it again.

Cook in the oven

Then the duck breast – skin side up – is cooked in a preheated oven at 160 degrees (top / bottom heat) for about 20 minutes. Take the meat out of the oven, wrap it in aluminum foil and let it rest briefly. Then cut into one centimeter thick slices and serve.

Most parents make their children believe that Santa Claus or the Christ Child is bringing the presents. And only the children who were good enough. Some experts consider these lies dangerous.

When shopping – child holds supermarket pensioner for Santa Claus

While shopping
Child holds supermarket pensioner for Santa Claus

The little one will probably not forget encounters in the supermarket anytime soon. Video

Thousands of children in Germany are looking forward to Christmas Eve these days. You write wish lists and count the days until the presents are presented. Most parents convey the belief in the existence of the Christ Child or Santa Claus without long pondering. However, some experts see this critically.

The Santa Claus fairy tale could damage the trust between parents and children, recently announced two researchers in the journal “” The Lancet Psychiatry “” to consider. Ultimately, the uncovering of the lie cannot be stopped: “” Children all find out at some point that their parents brazenly upheld a lie for years, “write Christopher Boyle from the University of Exeter (Great Britain) and Kathy McKay from the University of New England (Australia).

The soap bubble bursts when parents, older siblings or third parties gossip. People recently reported to Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) what dramas then take place. A traditional children’s program had been broadcast there – modernized and with frivolous statements by the presenter about parental closet hiding places. A scandal for many viewers.

Children can lose trust in their parents 

According to Boyle and McKay, children face several questions in such situations: If the Santa Claus story was a lie, where else did Mom and Dad tell the truth? The belief in fairies, sorcery, even in God is shaken.

The two scientists do not argue with a raised index finger. You also remember your own childhood and the great disappointment when the illusion of “” Santa “” burst: “” The magic was broken. Gone were the escape from reality that children and adults share for a few months. Christmas wasn’t the same anymore. “”

Christmas legends should enchant

But is lying really harmful to children? “” The story of Santa Claus is more of an enrichment for small children, “says Berlin psychologist Peter Walschburger with conviction. Basically, he sees myths, fairy tales and rituals as a beneficial counterpoint to the otherwise rational explanation of the world. “” We humans need both: enlightened thinking and enchantment. “”

Lies in this regard have a long tradition: With the enchantment of reality, people have always made a sense of home, security, comfort and social solidarity tangible.

Children need to learn to distinguish between good and bad

Moral standards such as good and bad are also often conveyed to children in this way. The scientist explains that they cannot distinguish between reality and fiction until they are four years old. Only then are they able to understand other people’s perspectives. Then they became increasingly critical of their parents.

When children discover inconsistencies such as supposedly flying reindeer, it is an opportunity for dialogue, says Walschburger. “” Parents could then explain that it was just a story, but one that had a real core or good news. “”

Explain religious reasons for Christmas

In an interview, the religious educator Albert Biesinger spoke out in favor of authentic Christmas stories instead of lies: “” I tell children that we celebrate Jesus’ birthday at Christmas. And because Jesus was such a great gift from God to us humans, mom and dad also have gifts for you today. The gift doesn’t fall from the sky, the Christ Child doesn’t bring it through the window either – it’s from mom and dad and others who love you. “”

Santa Claus lies also make parents dream

Parents who create the illusion of Santa Claus for their children benefit from it themselves, observe Boyle and McKay. They are able to “” go back to a time when they themselves believed that magic was actually possible. So you become a child again. A comparable mechanism is behind the enthusiasm of adults for children’s books and films like Harry Potter.

As many parents report, children themselves are very attached to Christmas stories. So much so that in the year after seeing through the lie, some pretend that nothing happened.

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In the middle of summer, the first manufacturers in Nuremberg started their gingerbread production for the Christmas business. In one company, production was ramped up at the end of July.

The first biscuits intended for the Advent and Christmas plates had already passed the baking streets at the beginning of August, reported company spokesmen for the German Press Agency. The early start of production is necessary because retailers want the first gingerbread on their shelves at the beginning of September, the manufacturers reported. In some shops, for example in a supermarket in Kulmbach in Upper Franconia, the first gingerbreads appeared as early as the beginning of August.

Working in three shifts

“” We now work in three shifts. Production has been running at full capacity since the beginning of August, “” reported a spokesman for the traditional Nuremberg company Lebkuchen-Schmidt. During the gingerbread season, which lasts until December, the company employs up to 800 people. Otherwise it is less than half. The spokesman reported that order acceptance would also be ramped up by September.

Lebkuchen-Schmidt has specialized in the dispatch of gingerbread. The company assures us that the Christmas delicacies were sent all over the world via sophisticated shipping logistics. The company does not officially start the gingerbread season until September 2nd – combined with a celebration for the company’s 90th birthday.

Start of production at the end of July

At manufacturer ifri Schuhmann, a subsidiary of the Aachen Lambertz Group, production for the Christmas business even started at the end of July. Here, too, Elisen or chocolate gingerbread rolls off the production line around the clock until shortly before Christmas, reported ifri’s senior employee Karl Wittmann. “” Otherwise we have been working with one production line, for a few weeks now with three lines. “”

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Around 200 employees now ensure that the shelves of the grocery supermarkets are full by the beginning of September – around 70 to 80 more than in the rest of the year. ifri-Schuhmann primarily supplies the retail and wholesale trade in Germany with Nuremberg gingerbread. Baked goods that are labeled “Nürnberger Lebkuchen” must be made in the Franconian metropolis.

In addition to roast goose, carp is also a popular holiday meal at Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Here you can find out how best to prepare the fish and which recipes are available for it.

You can eat these types of fish without hesitation
Photo series with 10 pictures

Buying carp: what to look out for

It is best to buy fresh carp directly from the fishmonger. Some even offer live fish, butcher them, and harvest them for you. If you want to buy ready-to-cook carp, you are also at the right address at your trusted fishmonger. If you wish, he will fillet the fish for you and skim it so that the bones no longer interfere with preparation and eating.

Regardless of which recipes you are planning, make sure that the carp or fillets do not smell of fish – an unpleasant fishy odor indicates that the animal has been in the store for a long time. In addition, the meat should be firm and elastic, and the fish should look clean and healthy overall.

Classic recipe with carp: “” Karpfen blau “”

The classic carp recipe is the “blue carp”. Let the dealer remove the fish, but do not scale it. In this way, the skin and mucus layer remain intact and after preparation, in combination with vinegar, give the carp its name-giving blue color. For four people, you need to prepare a carp weighing 1.5 kilograms. You will also need:

400 ml white wine vinegar2 onions4 cloves1 teaspoon fennel seeds1 chilli pepper4 bay leaves1 tbsp coriander seeds2 teaspoons light mustard seeds1 teaspoon black peppercorns salt pepper1 kg waxy potatoes1 bunch of flat-leaf parsley200 g pre-cooked beetroot100 g butter40 g grated horseradish

(Source: essen-und-trinken.de)

Filleting carp: this is how it works

Pierce with a sharp, pointed knife behind the fish’s head above the spine through the abdominal cavity. Then cut along the spine towards the caudal fin. You can cut the fish head in the middle with a saw knife from the bottom. Cut the two halves of the fish crosswise again; make sure that there is still some fillet left on the head. Place the pieces of fish in a bowl and pour vinegar over them. Let them steep for around 30 minutes.

Stock, potatoes and vegetables: prepare side dishes

In the meantime, prepare the spice stock for the carp and the potatoes and beetroot for the side dishes. Line a large, wide saucepan with aluminum foil, cut the unpeeled onion in half and let it roast until golden brown without fat. Remove the aluminum foil from the pot and sprinkle the onions with the cloves. Then cook them in a pot with 3 liters of water, the fennel, chilli, bay leaves, mustard seeds, coriander, peppercorns, five stems of parsley and three tablespoons of salt.

Peel the potatoes and cook them covered in a saucepan in salted water for 20 to 25 minutes until they are cooked. Drain the carp and place them in the spice stock, where they cook over medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes.

Put the butter in a pan and let it melt. Cut the beetroot into small cubes and sauté them in the butter over medium heat. Season with salt and pepper, chop the rest of the parsley and sprinkle it over the beetroot. When everything is ready, drain the potatoes and divide them between four plates. Lift the pieces of fish out of the stock and add them. Finally, put the beetroot cubes on top of the potatoes. Garnish with the horseradish.

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Carp recipes for a change on your plate

But you can also try other carp recipes. The fillets can be breaded well, for example, or prepared in a batter. In addition to potatoes and beetroot, sauerkraut or a spicy peanut butter and soy sauce mixture are also great accompaniments. If you like recipes with even more variety, you can also eat the carp together with crayfish.

With its delicious smell, the honey gingerbread simply belongs to the Christmas season. With this simple gingerbread recipe you can even bake the classic at home with ease.

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What you need for honey gingerbread

Baking honey gingerbread yourself is not that difficult.

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