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Superior food photography is equally crucial. When there are a few subjects which are best captured candidly and without affectation, food photography is something which requires a bit more. It is not a matter of shaving and styling the photo to make it something it is not. The fact is, this Thai Wild Rice Salad tastes exactly the same in the aforementioned pictures, but only among these photos makes you believe YUM! You may set a shot up with just a tiny bit of practice and take food photographs using natural light that appear yummy right out of their camera. Sometimes that works. Other times, such as right now in the middle of and its dreary times, the images, despite my best prep work and photograph abilities, end up looking dull, humorous, and uninteresting. Editing food photos in Photoshop can turn a dull food photo into something that really captures the vibrancy and flavor of a terrific recipe. In this tutorial I will show you my step by step procedure for editing a not-so-hot shot, such as the BEFORE image above, from Photoshop. My procedure is certainly not the only method to edit meals photos and I’ll tell you up front that it not even be the very best way. I’m a self taught photographer and I have been figuring out Photoshop in my own enhance your culinary images in photoshop using 3 simple food photography editing tips | best food photography for a long time. So while this is definitely a way to transform your photos, I make no claims to expertise here — that is just what works for me personally. I have also learned that’s worth every moment to use Actions. Sure, I know how to shine a photograph manually in Photoshop, however if an action can help me radically simplify my workflow then makes sense to me. I’m keeping it real in this tiny demo. So with all of my disclaimers out of the way, I’m prepared to show you behind the scenes of this Thai Wild Rice Salad and the way I edit food photographs. I hope it helps! Let us begin. Measure One: Adjust exposure in CameraRawI take RAW, therefore the very first step I take is to open the image at CameraRaw and adjust the vulnerability. The point is to brighten the photograph without any over-exposing any area of the image. As you can see below, I raised the exposure value until the picture looked skinnier, I adjusted the contrast and blacks slightly so the actual salad didn’t seem washed out in any way. Do not over do it here. The change is subtle, but there’s still more work to perform. Step Two: Adjust the White Balance at CameraRawI shot this image on a grey day on my front porch

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