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Free Wedding Photography Presets for Stunning Outcomes | Lightroom Tips Lightroom Presets Lightroom Processing Wedding Wedding photography is not for the faint-hearted. Running around, creating exquisite, unscripted shots off the cuff and ensuring that you have the staple images can run you ragged. The last thing you would like to do is spend even more hours editing the images. Our wedding presets here are directed at cutting down your post-processing period considerably. We have selected 10 of the greatest free wedding pictures presets for Lightroom. Download, import and begin using them at the moment. 10. Chocolate — Fix The Photo There’ll be times where black and white makes for a more interesting picture. With this pre requisite, contrast is increased, along with the clarity and shadows to deliver you a fuzzy yet powerful picture. Temp 0 Tint 0 Contrast +20 Highlights -41 Shadows +100 Whites -43 Blacks +48 Clarity + Wedding Smiles — Preset Love This cool preset is brought to you by Preset Love. The temperature and tint drop a bit, yet the contrast and highlights go up to present your images an unforgettable pop. Temp -12 Tint -9 Contrast +30 Highlights +32 Shadows -7 Whites -9 Blacks – The Bouquet — Free Presets Free Presets bring you The Bouqueta warm preset that adds details to these shadows while adding to your mid-tone contrast throughout the clarity slider. Exposure Presety Ślubne pl +Contrast +19 Highlights -54 Shadows +58 Whites -41 Blacks +18 Clarity +17 Vibrance + wedding Preset — Make Art Presets Be Art brings you that gorgeous wedding preset. It adds just a little color through the tear and vibrance sliders. Details are also increased from the shadows. Tint -5 Contrast -7 Highlights -20 Shadows +26 Blacks -19 Vibrance +10 Saturation + wedding Preset — Photonify With Photonify wedding preset, the temperature rises, while the saturation drops. Whites and exposure come down, and it leaves you with this remarkable shot. Temp +20 Exposure -Contrast -5 Whites -49 Blacks -5 Saturation – Wedding 5 adaptive Matte — Fix The Photo The Warm Matte by Repair The Photo is your thing to do. It concentrates on contrast while bringing additional details into the mixture. Vibrance boils down to provide you a more eloquent yet powerful catch. Contrast +29 Highlights -31 Shadows +44 Whites +27 Clarity +18 Vibrance -40 Saturation + Elegant Wedding — Preset Love Elegant Wedding comes in Preset Love, plus also its great preset. Highlights fall, bringing in the skies detail. Shadows and blacks move up revealing more detail at the clothing. You can not go wrong with this. Exposure +Contrast +15 Highlights -36 Shadows +27 Whites -27 Blacks +73 Clarity +13 Vibrance + Wedding Preset #21 | Cold WB — ShotKit ShotKit comes in having a chilly white balance preset

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